Sisterlocked and Loving It

I always promise myself that I'm gonna do better, I'm gonna be more diligent about my

But in reality, my hair has been the furthest thing from my mind...and it dawned on me, that's the reason I got sisterlocks in the first place.

I am a single mother of a 3 year old...I am student teaching this spring semester, and I have a part time tutoring job to make the ends come a little close together...on top of all that, I am taking 11 hours at a junior college to fulfill my gen ed requirements before I can graduate in May. I have to find time to sleep, which means I don't have time figuring out what to do with my hair.

Time flies so fast and meshes together so much that when I see a little bit of dandruff, I have to realize that it HAS been 2 weeks since I last washed my hair...and that I need to put that on my ever growing to-do list.

I am grateful that I had the foresight to make such a decision. I remember thinking to myself, that by the time I start student teaching, my hair will be at least presentable. But that's the least of my concerns, hell, I like the fact that I can spend 30 min tops on my morning routine, from finding something to wear, showering, and getting out of the door. A couple spritzs of water on my hair, a hair clip a couple bobby pins and I have a cute "messy" up do in less than 5 mins.

When I do want a different look (and that's mostly on the weekends), I am still able to be funky and versatile, something I wouldn't have been in my relaxer days. It was either curl it, slightly bump it, or wear a ponytail...and depending on when my hair was "permed" determines how much work went into those three options (some times I may have had to put some jam in my hair and tie it *tight* over night to lay down some of those edges) LOL.

Now, please. My edges excite me, for almost every other month I see another "baby loc" that I can start. Most of the women in my family have receding hair lines on the sides only and for years I just knew I was down that path. I had very little hair and obvious bald patches on the sides of my head, which I thought was genetic. Since SL, those areas have significantly improved, with no attention to it. I don't oil my scalp, I don't condition, nothin...wash, braid, braidout, or curl...every two weeks.

I'm excited for the years to come...when my hair will really look like locks and have hang time. But until that time comes, I'll still live in the moment and enjoy all the moments NOT doing my hair and focusing on other things...

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