4th of July SALE!

Almocado wishes you a Happy Independence day!

To celebrate with our loyal US customers we're offering discounted shipping of just £10.00 on all orders placed between midnight on July 3rd and midnight on July 4th.

Here's a snapshot of your feedback:
"Shipping stings but I keep coming back because your products are just that good!"

"Yummy, Yummy Yummy! Love it. I can't wait to wash my hair with Almocado's products! "

"My hair used to shed a lot and was quite dry but since using Almocado the shedding has stopped"

"My locs are cleaner, smell better and feel so soft!"

"Love the Peppermint Tea moisture mist - it has a fresh minty smell just perfect for refreshing my

Sisterlocks after a workout at the gym. I love it, love it, love it"

"Almocado products are not too heavy and work really well on my bi-racial curls. Recommended!"

"Loved your shampoo! Even cut open the bottle so I didn't waste a single drop!!"

The £ is at it's lowest since the 1980's, so the exchange rate is in your favour! Combined with reduced shipping costs this is a great time to try Almocado for the first time or stock up on your favourites.

Just remember - the sale is for ONE DAY ONLY! Don't miss it! 

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