Mothers Day Gifts - Cranberry Sugar Face Scrub

What I've been working on today:

Step 4 of my Mother's Day Gift Set...
Cranberry Sugar Face Scrub with omega rich Rice Bran Oil and uplifting May Chang Essential Oil.
Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Anti ageing serums and moisturisers

Interesting article from The Beauty Brains.

You'll see that Retinol (Vitamin A derivative) scores highly for smoothing and improving the texture of the skin.

And I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that we include this wonderful ingredient in our Vitamin A Marula Facial Serum and our Vitamin A Facial Moisturiser so you can enjoy the benefits too.

See? I'm always thinking of you.

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Almocado Sik Spritz - Avocado Honey Hibiscus Batch

Sometimes I get in a creative mood. The Silk Spritz is one of my best sellers....

Over the years it has been scented with Mandarin and Coconut, Melon and Banana. This latest batch is a yummylicious Almond Buttercream aroma and has a slight maroon hue - why? I added hibiscus!

Now, hibiscus may be new to the range but it is not new to me. My mother's garden in Barbados is crammed with red and pink hibiscus plants... I have fond memories of sipping tiny buds of nectar from the stamens...and one of my favourite hair treatments was made by crushing handfuls of flowers and soaking them in a basin of water and aloe vera. LUSH!

So here's me, sharing some of my childhood with you.

Avocado, Honey Hibiscus Silk Spritz - now available online but you'll have to hurry as I only made 15 bottles. Enjoy!


Annette "Almocado" Clarkley

Almocado Hair Oils

In the workshop: 

Just finishing up the latest batches of hair and scalp oils:
All blended with organic avocado and jojoba oils, and rich in vitamin E, A, B1, B2 and D.

Vitamin A helps us produce healthy sebum, Vitamin E helps with blood circulation ensuring nutrients reach the follicles, some believe it also helps support the immune system, and may fend off hair loss.

In addition to consuming vitamins as part of a healthy eating regime, many clients see an improvement in the health of their hair by applying these blends to their hair and scalp.

-Follicle energising Rosemary and basil for a stimulating effect.
- Cooling peppermint & tea tree to help keep itchiness and flakes away.
-Balancing Lavender & Ylang for an aromatic spa like hot oil treatment that can help thicken hair and promote healthy scalps.

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