Deep Conditioning Sisterlocks

Deep conditioning a client's Sisterlocks at the Hair Boutique in London.

1. Cleansed scalp with client's aromatherapy shampoo,
2. Shampooed hair with Sisterlocks Salon Shampoo.
3. Gave client a gentle scalp massage to stimulate circulation and soothe the nerves.
4. Rinsed thoroughly & squeezed excess water from the locs.
5. Sectioned hair and applied treatment throughout the length of the locs, concentrating on the ends.
6. Wrapped hair and applied heat for 20 mins (under a hooded dryer).
7. Rinsed product (although the instructions say you could leave it in if you prefer) and dried hair.
8. Retightened all her beautiful locs.

Has anyone else tried deep conditioning with the Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment?
How did you find it?

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Sisterlocks and Fine Hair

Fine hair can be locked too. Over time, these tiny locs will double or even triple in size and the original scalpiness will fill in - as seen in the 8 wk update.

Sisterlocks Sophistication

Glam during the day,
Glam at night!

This is my very first Sisterlocks client, we started her locs just over 2 years ago, how gorgeous is she?

Yes, we're still open

It's minus 2 degrees and still snowing outside but the Hair Boutique remains open: I am here sisterlocking hair and I'll be here tomorrow (Sat 19) to honour your appointments.

See you soon xx


SisterLocks in South East London

Certified Sisterlocks Consultant serving South London;
Salon based professional service
Consultations, Installations, Shampooing, Styling, Retightening and Repairs.
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Product Review - Almocado Twist & Twirl (Conditioning and Styling Cream)

My Review on Almond Avocado Natural "Almocado Twist & Twirl" (Conditioning and Styling Cream) by Sian Nelson-Baah

I've already reviewed The Almond Avocado Aromatherapy Shampoo and Brown Sugar conditioner w/cones- long story short I loved them both and have had no issues with product build up or any ill effects due to cones (the condish is available without cones ).

I washed and conditioned with the AA products mentioned above, I plopped with an old tshirt and when my hair was damp I used bendy rollers to set my hair, I used the Twist and Twirl Conditioning Cream on each section of hair before rolling up, this was the only product I used in hair except water of course. The following morning I removed my rollers (middle pic) separated and fluffed, my hair is soft and shiny and not crispy at all, it is now day 4 and my curls are still soft and shiny and holding their shape. The 3rd pic was taken last night. 

I would recommend these products and I will be trying others in the range. I bought all these products with my own money.

Images & Text copyright Sian Nelson-Baah, used with permission.

How will you use your styling creme? Click here to get your Twist & Twirl on or explore the full product range by visiting

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We've Moved!

Almond & Avocado has moved!

All maintenance, repair and grooming appointments (including shampooing, trims etc) will take place within the Hair Boutique on Brockley Road.

Our email address and telephone number remain the same, mobile services (home
visits) have been suspended until further notice.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 1300 to 2300 hrs.

See you at the salon, your chair is waiting for you xx

Diamond Tongues 30 Day Challenge

With the start of the year and all the associated resolutions and renewal, I thought it might be interesting to try a challenge.
I'm calling it the "Diamond Tongues" challenge because for 30 days we're going to speak life, strength, positivity and purpose into the ears of our loved ones so they start to feel as strong, as beautiful and as precious as diamonds.

1. speak no evil to or of your chosen loved one (child, spouse, parent, sibling etc) - that means no grumbling or gossiping about them, no nagging etc.
2. As often as you can, take the opportunity to say something positive, encouraging or beautiful to your loved one.
3. If you are angry with or hurt by your chosen loved do NOT curse them, better to say nothing and bite your tongue ( or smile and kill them with kindness!)
4. Do NOT tell them you are doing this challenge!

Invite your BFFs to join in, I'll post updates of my progress on this page, please feel free to do the same. Who's up for a challenge? Can you stay positive for 30 days?

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Almocado Body Oil:

Almocado Body Oil: £8.99 (100ml)

These nourishing body oils contain blends of cold-pressed vegetable and fruit oils and are unfragranced - allowing you to add your own essential oils or fragrance oils. Supplied in an amber bottle to protect it's contents, our oils contain anti-oxidants and vitamin E to prolong shelf life. Spray directly onto skin and gently massage in.

Available in 4 blends including our signature 'Almond & Avocado'.
Available in the following blends:
Pure Organic Olive: A mediterranean favourite, widely used inthe hair and skin care industries.
Coconut, Apricot & Kukui: A blend of 3 light but penetrative fruit oils to soften and protect the skin.
Macadamia & Thistle: Penetrative moisturising oils, particularly beneficial to those with dry or mature skins.
Almond & Avocado: A rich, softening, nourishing and protective blend of oils.

How To Use:
Massage lovingly into skin with long sweeping strokes until absorbed. You can also add your own fragrance or essential oils to these blends if so desired.

Key Ingredients:

One or more of the following oils (Organic Olive Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Kukui Oil, macadamia Nut Oil, Thistle Oil), CO2 anti-oxidants (Chamomile or Rosemary),Vitamin E