Almocado Aromatherapy Oil: £9.99 (100ml)

Suitable as a massage oil or as an aromatherapy body oil, and supplied in an amber bottle to protect it's contents, our massage oils also contain anti-oxidants and vitamin E to prolong shelf life. Pump into palms and massage into skin..

Available in the following blends:
  • Chamomile & Lavender: Calming and soothing blend of essential oils.
  • Grapefruit & Fennel: For detoxifying the skin, boosting circulation and combatting lethargy and apathy.
  • Lavender & Ylang Ylang: Deeply relaxing and balancing.
  • Mandarin, Patchouli & Sweet Orange: Regenerative blend of essential oils.
  • Rosemary & Basil: A stimulating blend for mental clarity and focus.
  • Muscle Ease: With marjoram, rosemary and eucalyptus to stimulate cirulation and ease sore muscles.
How To Use:
Massage lovingly into skin with long sweeping strokes. Therapists should use plenty of effleurage to distribute the oil.
Key Ingredients:
One or more of the following oils (Grapeseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Evening primrose, Borage Oil), CO2 anti-oxidants (Chamomile or Rosemary),Vitamin E and Essential Oil blends.

"This massage oil is excellent. I'm strict vegan and a big believer in complimentary therapy. I'll be using it for myself and on my paitents (I work in a hospice). I also firmly believe in supporting independent business people who are making good quality products. If everyone would support independent businesses like yours instead of the big corporate chains there would probably be no unemployment. I have your card and will be passing the word around. I love the labelling and how everything is presented. Best of luck for the future and I'll definitely be buying from you again. And well done on coming up with such great quality products."

Twisted Loc Petals - Sisterlocks Style

Disclaimer - the copyright to this picture belongs to Lisa Hollingsworth Kennedy (click to see her FB profile).

I have done this style on some of my clients before but I did not take photos (this is something I will be addressing in 2013, so you guys get to see more than just installation pics)

copyright Lisa Hollingsworth Kennedy

The locs are twisted around eachother and then can be pinned at the root or secured to the root by twisting again.

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Sisterlocks with Permed Ends - The Big Chop

Dree was getting a bit tired of her straight ends and felt ready for the big chop despite me trying to talk her out of it! So we scheduled in a trimming session to say goodbye to her relaxed ends.

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!



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Another Sisterlocks Installation

Client number 18
I am located in South East London and work hard to keep you happy and beautiful : naturally.

I'll post more when we're done xx

Flexi Rod Curls

I am often asked what type of curl you can get with a flexi roller (vs perm rods or pipe cleaners).

The answer is :

"If you unwind the flexirod/ flexi roller (ie in the reverse motion to which you put it in) you will have a curl similar to that of a perm rod or standard curler"

"If however, you pull or slide the rod straight out (without unwinding) you will end up with a spiral type curl similar to that of a pipe cleaner or curl former"

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Sisterlocks Styling: Fishtail Braid

Flat twisted at the sides, pompadour at the top (pin curled) and loose fishtail to the rear.

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Traditional Locks

Yes, you all know that Almond & Avocado does Sisterlocks (I spend a lot of my time talking about and retightening Sisterlocks!) but did you know that I also do traditional (palm/finger-rolled) locs?

Whether palm rolled or Sisterlocked they are just as fun because at the end of the day people are people and I love my clients!!

Here is a style I did for a lovely client who was preparing for an evening out. Please forgive the poor angles - the stitch software I used ate up half the pics!!!

Hair was flat twisted up into a high pony and then inter-weaved around into a bun - one side was left to cascade down towards her shoulders which added a little pizazz to reduce the 'severity' of the classic bun.

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UK Certified Sisterlocks Consultant - London

That's right, ladies & gentlemen,

Almond & Avocado is taking it to the next level.
I am now an officially Certified Sisterlocks Consultant: "whoot whoot!"

Two years ago I completed my training and twenty something heads later, here I am: officially certified and ready to serve you better.

There are no major changes to my service, I still provide a courteous and professional client-focused service with your scalp health and general well being at the centre of my practice.

If you want strong locs, and honest hairducation - call me: Annette (07957630186)

Love to you all

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Sisterlocks Installation - Client With Permed Ends

I really enjoyed this installation. "Dree" had such a jovial spirit and had me laughing throughout - what a blast!

You see the open ends in the picture? That's because interlocking methods such as Sisterlocks don't work on smooth hair (like relaxed hair), as we're not using any gels or locking waxes we need to work with the glorious kinky, coily, curly textures atop your head: the kinkier the better!

Dree has 468 locks and has been transitioning for over 9 months. Her hair - including the permed ends- is about 14 inches long. The new growth was about 8 inches.

I love that with Sisterlocks you do not have to cut off your permed ends or Big Chop (BC) before you start your locs. This means that if you love length, you can hold on to it for a little while longer while your new locs are being formed. When they have grown to a length you are happy with you can trim off the relaxed ends.

The Sisterlocks journey is about you - what you are most comfortable with -and if that means transitioning for a little longer then I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to support you and your choices every step of the way. Why not give me a call?

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Sisterlocks - Lock Knots

Yes, yes you can have bantu knots/corkscrews/chinee bumps/ with Sisterlocks.
See for yourself. 
This took next to no time at all (I did it while retightening) and I used the water based Almocado Loc Dew to help set it but the same style can be achieved with just water or your favourite setting lotion (or nothing at all!) I used a product because I wanted the resulting curls to last for at least a week - and they did. 

#Job Done!

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Sisterlocks Styling: French Braid Updo

This is a quick and easy hairstyle.

Method Tne: (If your hair can comfortably fit into a ponytail)

  1. Gently sweep your locks towards the back of your head, in a similar fashion as if you were about to make a ponytail.
  2. Start at the nape of your neck and begin to braid upwards, (NB: when I was younger,  I used to lay flat on my tummy on my bed and tip my head upside down over the edge of the bed to do this - having had years of practice I no longer need to hang my head upside down in order to braid upwards!!!) 
  3. Gently braid the locks from the front edges in as you go. When you reach the top of your head stop braiding. Gather the locs from the front of your head together with the french braid and secure with a hair band/bobble/woolly/hair tie.
  4. Fluff out the loose locs and smile at your french braid pineapple :)

Method Two: (if your hair isn't yet long enough to hold into a single ponytail)
  1. Find your ear-to-ear parting and section off the front locs from the back.
  2. Begin to gently, french braid the locs at the back of your head upwards from nape to crown. 
  3. Secure the braid at the top of your head with a hair tie/woolly/scrunchy/bobble - whatever.
  4. Separate the front section of locs into three: two at the sides and one at the top.
  5. Gently sweep the locs from the side sections back towards the french braid and secure with bobby pins or tuck them into and in between the locs making the french braid.
  6. Gather the locs from the front of your head together with the french braid and secure with another hair band/bobble/woolly/hair tie.
  7. Fluff out the loose locs and smile at your french braid pineapple :)

If, like this client, you are due for a retightening, you can wrap your style with a satin scarf to help the edges lay down or you can use some styling gel or flaxseed gel, Twist & Twirl Styling Cream or Kinky Girl Hair Pudding to help those baby hairs lay flat.

 NB: no products were applied when this photo was taken, as this was purely for illustration purposes.

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Sisterlocks on Children

Everyone welcome my youngest client ever - lil Miss K - affectionately known as 'Happy Angry Birds' - isn't she a cutie?

This young lady sat very well for two days of her installation and is now Sisterlocked and Loving it.

Oh - Lil Miss K turned 4 a few weeks after her installation. Love it!

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Popular Products: The Almocado Triple Treat

Say 'hello' to three of our best selling products: 
  • Soft Curl Mist: for moisturising, detangling and refreshing your coils.
  • Twist & Twirl: a smooth Styling Creme to smooth and hold your coils, perfect for twisting & braidouts
  • Seal & Protect: a styling pomade enriched with anti-oxidants, emollient butters and softening oils

How To Use:

After washing and conditioning your hair, towel dry your precious tresses and divide into sections.
Next grab a bottle of our soft curl mist and spray each section prior to detangling or styling - but don't overdo it now, your hair shouldn't be sopping wet, just slightly damp.

Some people skip the next step but if your curls like to be buttered up - apply a small amount of 'Seal & Protect' or one of our Hair Oils to sectioned hair and smooth in from root to tip to help seal in the moisture.

If you use the LOC method (or any variation thereof) : 

  • start with the  soft curl mist to moisturise and detangle
  • follow with the twist & Twirl styling creme, apply to sections and smooth into strands from root to tip - this will help define your curls and will also hold your twists or braids. 
  • finally apply 'Seal and Protect' to the palms of your hands, rub together and then distribute throughout the ends of your hair. Alternatively, you can smooth a little amount onto your strands after the Twist & Twirl to lock that moisture in.

All these products are available from our online store at

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Almocado Shampoo Bars

If you're considering alternatives to convential shampoos why not try one of our Almocado shampoo bars?

Each bar is SLS free, ph balanced, deep cleansing and aromatic. Blended with conditioning coconut oil and stimulating essential oils for an uplifting cleansing experience. 

These bars are suitable for both locked and loose hair and there is no need to follow with an ACV rinse (unless you really really want to).  

Available in : 

  • Tangerine
  • Citrus Blast
  • Summer Garden (with Ylang Ylang and Lavender)
  • Herbal Complex (for Hair Growth Support)

Visit the to order. 

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Sisterlocks Styling, School Teacher

I usually share these photos on my Facebook page but I just realised that this means that some of my lovely readers are missing out! So I am going to make sure I post here as well.

Hope you enjoy!

An updo for a family wedding event. Basket weave to the rear, flat twists to the side and pompadours to the crown, finished with a side sweeping fringe to help obscure areas of sparsity.

All hairstyles are created GENTLY meaning I never pull tightly or cause pain. Isn't it about time you treated yourself to an Almond & Avocado experience?

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Back to School Styling

Summer is drawing to close and the kids are headed back to school.

I'm a little nervous this autumn because my two youngest children will be jumping onto the school wagon:

my young prince will be leaving private nursery and heading over to the nursery school attached to our local primary school; and my precious baba will be starting at Montessori nursery. She's only 2 and a half (doesn't the word 'only' tell you everything about how I see her?) I just know I am going to miss her - on the other hand I will finally be able to get tons of work done! Yay! So watch this space.

Here is a photo of a back to school style I did on one of my younger clients. Enjoy!

On my holistic blog I'll be starting a new Aromatherapy At Home series, I'd love for you to join me.

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Almocado range of natural products - Launched today!

Phew - what can I say? I am so exhausted. After several trial-runs participating in exhibitions and holistic expos, I can confidently say that Almocado turned up today!

For those of you who met me at the Women In Business - Ladies Pamper Day presented by the 2inspire network in East London "Heyyyyyyy".  My online shop is located at but is still under development.  Please save the link because the full product range will be live by Wednesday this week and you will be able to complete your orders.

In the meantime - here is a reminder of our range:

Aromatherapy Products 

  • Almocado Sugar Honey Face Scrub £6 (50g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Foaming Face Wash (Various) £7.50 (100ml)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Face Serum (Regenerative/Balancing) £8 (30ml)
  • Almocado Concentrated Vitamin Face Cream £6 (50ml)
  • Almocado Face Waters (Chamomile, Lavender, Rose & Neroli) £5.50 (100ml)
  • Almocado Vitamin Hand/Body Cream (Pot) £8 (100ml)
  • Almocado Balanced Body Butter £8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Sole Survival (Foot) Scrub £5 (100g) 
  • Almocado Heel & Toe Foot Cream £8 (100g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Body Oils (Balance, Uplifting etc) £7 (100ml)          
  • Almocado Butterlicious Body Bars  (Skin Food) £5 (85g)
  •  Almocado Mini Massage Melts £3 (35g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Support Serums* £9.99 (100ml)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Shampoo Bars £6.50 (2* 45g bars/ 1* 90g bar) 

Hair Cleansers & Conditioners

  • Almocado Loc Shampoo (Growth Support formula), ph (5.5) £8 (200ml) 
  • Almocado Carrot, Chamomile & Banana Shampoo, ph (5.5) £8 (200ml) 
  • Almocado Aromatherapy shampoos £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Conditioner (Coco y Banane) £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Conditioner (Brown Sugar Babe) £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Wash Day Combo (Shampoo & Conditioner) £9 (100ml) /£15(200ml)
  • Luscious Lecithin Leave-in Conditioner £12 (200ml)

Styling Aids & Moisturisers

  • To Seal & Protect: Almocado Hair Whip* £6 (100g) / £10 (200g)
    Key Ingredients: shea, coconut, cocoa, mango, almond and avocado butters, soy lecithin and carrot tissue oil. 
  • To Hydrate & Restore: Almocado Curl Mist £7.50(100ml)/ £14(200ml)
    Moisturising spray treatment for your coils; great for detangling or refreshing braids, curls, and twist outs. (available in 'Coconut Colada' or 'Mint Melee')
  • To Quench & Refresh: Almocado Loc Dew £7(150ml) /£8.00 (150ml)
    Liquid refreshment for your locs to refresh and hydrate  without causing build up. (available in 'Coconut Water’ or 'Mint Melee')
  • Almocado Twist & Twirl Styling Cream & Hair Masque* £7 (100g) /£13 (200ml)

* Twist & Twirl Styling Creams are suitable as a leave-in, rinse-out conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Use a little as a styling aid to give gentle hold while twisting, or to smooth fly away hair. Twist & Twirl Hair Whips and Styling Creams can be used (separately) as deep conditioning treatments: apply required amount to clean wet hair, cover with a cap or warm towel. Apply heat if desired. Rinse out.
* Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Support Serums can be used as hot oil conditioning and pre-poo treatments. To use Twist & Twirl Hair Whip as a hot oil treatment, scoop required amount into suitable container before gently heating until fully melted.

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Upcoming Event: Uzima - The Natural & Holistic Expo 2012

UK naturals and holistic afficianados have been spoilt for choice recently, 2012 has seen a slurry of natural hair meetups, workshops and special events all recognising this emerging audience - and still there is more.

Promoting - Health & Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Culture
on Saturday 28th July, 11am - 9pm
@Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London,WC1R 4RL

UZIMA - is an independent partnership that was created out of the parallel vision of 2 professional entrepreneurs who are active within the local community and committed to realising their belief that natural beauty has an important role to play within the regeneration process and health consciousness that is detrimental to their customers, the environment and the community.

The objective of the Expo

  • To become an annual expo that enhances the lives of the African Community by providing an atmosphere that aids the mind, body and spirit with health conscious alternatives within the natural holistic industry.
  • To provide the backdrop to a wide variety of activities to interact with service providers, while enjoying a fabulous day.
  • To offer inspirational messages and different types of services that is based on principals: Empowerment, Education, Health, Cultural and Environment.​
  • To promote health, beauty and conscious organisations to sustain holistic goods and resources within the community.

click to enlarge

Tickets and More information available on their website

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Upcoming Event: Ladies Day Out with 2inspire Network

The 2 Inspire Network is hosting a 'Ladies Day Out' on the 19th August (2012) at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in the Docklands (see flier below).

According to their Facebook site "2 Inspire  provide platforms that enables women in business and those interested to promote, network & communicate. A place where we can all share, learn & grow".

All the vendors will be female businesswomen and entrepreneurs showcasing fashion, jewellery, hair and body products as well as beauty and complimentary therapies.

Tickets are available via eventbrite:

Facebook :

Hope to see you there!

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Ever wanted to try a complimentary therapy?

The Chamomile Clinic in Rushey Green (London, SE6) is currently offering a summer special on all their therapies until 31st August 2012.

The clinic is led by Aromatherapist Sorrell Robins who is also a skilled herbalist and hypnotherapy practitioner.  Sorrell is supported by a team of five qualified practitioners (including myself) - who together offer a wide range of natural therapies including:

  • Aromatherapy (Clinical Aromatherapy)
  • Aromatherapy (Aromatherapy Massage)
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Hot/Cold Stone Massage
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • Metabolic Balance Coaching
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Solutions Focused Coaching
  • Therapeutic Massage
Read the entire post over at my 'holistic' blog

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Sisterlocks Appointment Etiquette Part 2 - Clean Hair

Sisterlocks Appointment Etiquette Part 2 - Clean Hair

This is the second post in the 'Sisterlocks Appointment Etiquette' Series - but to be honest these are principles that can apply to any personalised Hair service.

Let's talk about clean hair. Of course, if your hair appointment/service is for a 'wash and set', 'wash and retwist', 'wash and condition', 'wash, detangle, condition' or similar variation etc' this doesn't really apply to you.

One of the questions I am frequently asked by prospective clients is :

"Why do I have to wash my hair within 24 hours of my appointment?"


Without wanting to get too deep into the science - suffice it to say that there are 5 layers of skin and the skin we can actually see and feel is the outermost layer of the epidermis known as Stratum Corneum which is constantly shedding as the cells are damaged and die.

Like skin anywhere else on your body, your scalp sheds dead cells every day - a process known as 'desquamation'.  (Superstock has a really cool microscopic image of the skin and hair where some shed skin is visible - but it is copyright so I can't reproduce it here but you can click this link to have a look. Click here to see an image by the Science Picture Company which shows skin and hair without debris.)

These shed cells can accumulate and manifest itself as a layer of debris at the surface and needs to be removed by shampooing. Since our skin cells contain lipids and these mix with the naturally occuring oils (sebum) on our scalp - simply brushing or rubbing the scalp will not completely remove shed cells - you need the aid of a surfactant like shampoo to help dissolve the fatty content and properly cleanse the scalp.

It is important not to confuse this normal shedding with dry scalp, dandruff or scalp eczema.

Now add to this 'normal' desquamation - any environmental pollutants: dust, pollen, microscopic bugs (blown in by the wind while you were walking through the park) and even tiny particles of lint suspended in the air and you can see that without a nice wash the chances of your scalp or hair being truly clean  are very low. (This does not mean that your hair will LOOK dirty, in fact it may actually look CLEAN but the particles are there).

How is this relevant?

Scalp Debris:
excessive scalp debris on protective cape
If you retighten hair with a significant amount of scalp debris, there will be a corresponding significant amount of 'scalp fall' i.e. lots of little white flakes on your back and shoulders after your session.

I always cover my clients with a hairdressing cape to protect their clothing but if the scalp debris is excessive this won't prevent particles of dead skin cells from transferring to my own clothing, the floor and the air (and therefore my eyes and nose) while I am working on you.

Interlocking is a manual and repetitive process so it is inevitable that tiny particles of debris will be disturbed and dislodged from the scalp during retightening and if this debris is significant it will become noticeably embedded in your locs. Do you really want that?

Dirty Hair
If you retighten hair that contains a significant amount of shed cells, oil (natural sebum or added plant oils), dust, pollen etc - you will cause these pollutant particles to become a permanent feature of your locs as they will become 'permanently' embedded as the dreaded 'build-up' or 'lint-up'! Do you really want that?

An ACV soak can help dissolve accumulated build up and using a tweezer to pluck out strands of lint can be fairly successful in redressing these problems but prevention is always better than cure.

The image below shows trapped lint in a lock. It is used for illustrative purposes only and does not mean that the lock rocker retwisted her hair while it was dirty etc as lint can be attracted to locs from our pillows, clothing, sofas etc. I'm just saying that retwisting/retightening unclean hair will lead to trapped lint/dirt and will make things worse if you already live in a very fluffy environment and this is a very good picture of trapped lint. (Please read her entire article for her tips and advice: Trapped Lint & Build-Up)



If you have washed your hair and scalp with the correct techniques within 24 hours of your appointment then chances are there'll be no or very little debris on your scalp when we begin your retightening session as we will have eliminated most of the naturally occurring desquamation and any product or environmental build-up as well. This in turn will help maximise your chances of having debris, lint and build-up free locs in the long term.


Q: Why do I need to wash my hair within 24 hours?

A: To cleanse hair and scalp and keep your scalp free of naturally occurring desquamation prior to your retightening session. (Remember - skin cells shed EVERY day.) Commit this bit to memory: This in turn will help maximise your chances of having debris, lint and build-up free locs in the long term.

If there are any questions you'd like me to answer feel free to drop me a line (see the post footer).

Until next time my lovelies,

Feel better. Be well


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Show Me How... Headwraps & Scarves

With summer approaching you may be wondering what to do with your hair. I find that locs - particularly longer locs can sometimes make you feel hotter in hot weather and that keeping them up and off of your neck can help keep you cool.

Since we want to avoid wearing tight ponytails too often due to the strain it can place on our edges, tying them up (loosely but firmly) with a scarf is a handy (and cute) alternative.

Naptural85 has filmed a video on 10 ways to tie a headscarf for cute protective styling.

Sisterlock rocker Melissa from Bespoke Hair has also filmed a more afro-centric series of options:

And you can also get ideas and tips from The Calabash Hub, Sister E hosts regular headwrap workshops. Visit her website for more details.

How do you rock your scarves and wraps?
Feel free to share your tips and videos below xxx

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Naturally United

If you're in West London today do pop in and see me at the Naturally United event where I will presenting on complimentary therapies and holistic hair care.

Address: St Mary Abbots Centre, Vicarage Gate, London, W8 4HN

For more details:

Love you all and hope to see you soon.
Aromatherapy. Reflexology. Functional Massage. Wellbeing & Natural Stress Management Services.
"Feel Better. Be WELL"

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Appointment Etiquette Part 1- Time Keeping


1. Time Keeping:

I cannot stress how important it is that you be punctual for your appointments - whether it is your initial consultation, your extended locking sessions or your retightenings thereafter. Unlike many mainstream salons, very few consultants operate a 'walk in policy'.  This means that your consultant will have specifically ear marked a particular slice of period of time on and an agreed date to do your hair.

Being late has an impact on your loctician's craftsmanship, scheduling, privacy and courtesy.


Interlocking hundreds of locs isn't something you can do while 'Jackie is sitting under the dryer or Tina is having her hair washed. We have to pay close attention

  1. to make sure we don't miss any locs; 
  2. to make sure we maintain the right tension and pattern for your locs and 
  3. to ensure that any issues we may find can be rectified promptly before they become serious or irreversible. 

This does not mean that we cannot or will not talk to you while we do your hair, all I'm saying is that we cannot do more than one of you at the same time so we carve out specific appointment times dedicated to ONLY you.

At the end of the day we are human, if we are rushing or feel rushed we may make mistakes or miss important messages your hair is telling us - to the detriment of the overall condition of your hair.

Each consultant has a different style of working - some may stand for the entire duration of your session, others may have a stool they move around on - either way, retightening and installation sessions can be physically intense.  Being late not only affects the clients who come after you, it affects your consultant who may not be left with enough time to sit down/stretch her legs or back/ flex her wrists; clean her equipment and sterilise her tools or even eat her lunch between clients. This can impact craftmanship (as explained above) and let's not go down the road of healthy & safety and hygiene issues.  


Most consultants -after having established a good maintenance routine with you - will have a good idea of how long your session will take assuming you've not suddenly suffered from serious hair loss or have excessive new growth/tangling due to missed appointments; this may be an average of 2-3 hours. When booking you in some consultants (myself included) will add an extra hour to your slot (just in case extra time is required) - this is the reserve or buffer zone.  Additionally, most consultants will leave a 20-45 min break between clients, depending on the number of clients who need to be seen on that day.

So - if your appointment is scheduled for 08:30 and you arrive at 09:15, you could be heading into the buffer zone if the next client is scheduled for 12:30 especially if your hair happens to take longer on this particular day... in some cases this can result in your hair not being completely retightened since your consultant may decide not to keep the next client waiting and ask you to reschedule or book an additional appointment.

Of course sometimes we can't help being late - traffic jams, sick children, flat tyres, late buses and cancelled trains cannot be helped but please make an effort to be consistently punctual and to give your consultant plenty of notice should an incident occur.


In London, many consultants work from their homes which means there is not normally a separate reception area for waiting. Your consultant will (should) have worked hard to build up an amicable rapport with you - your relationship is something to be respected and protected - which means that she will (should) not discuss your business with someone else... and vice versa - so you can imagine it might be a little awkward having to sit and 'not listen' to a conversation or for all of you to sit in awkward silence/making small talk while we wait for the late client's hair to be finished.

For some clients, having their hair done is not just an 'aesthetic need'; it can be the only time some women have to themselves in a busy working week or the only time they get away from the children. Some women look forward to hopping into the chair and unloading. It's not fair to cut this short on account of someone else's tardiness.

None of us like to be kept waiting (at the bank, Doctor's office etc) so please extend this small courtesy to the other clients sharing your consultant by arriving on time so they don't have to wait when THEY arrive on time.

What have your experiences been like with your loctician?
If you've found this post useful - please leave me a comment.
If you want to know more about Sisterlocks or microlocks or you just want to have a chat - you can find me through my business pages below.  xx

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Teenage Sisterlocks

I just wanted to share this photo of two of my clients.
They both have thick softly curly natural hair and have been locked for 12 and 18 months respectively.
Can you tell which is which?

In case you couldn't guess - the client on the right hand side of the photo has the younger locks. If you look carefully you will see that it is much easier to detect the interlocking pattern (similar to a braid-like pattern) in her locks, whereas the client on the left hand side is tending towards a more uniform appearance.

Both clients are in the 'teenage' stage of locking, with lots of frizz and 'encasement', the hair is beginning to matt and coil around the original interlocking framework indicating that they are well on their way towards sexy slimline Sisterlocks - Yay!

I have been introducing clients to the beauty of Sisterlocks since 2010, if you'd like to know more, please tweet @avocadoholistic or email me at for a consultation (no-obligation I promise!); if you become a fan on facebook you'll find my telephone number.  

Have a great week!

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Almond Avocado Holistic has its own space

I've separated the blogs so that the Holistic therapies live in a separate space as although there is some overlap, the majority of my holistic clients are not also natural hair/loc wearers/clients.

I hope that those of you who are interested in holistic therapies will join me there.

Best wishes,

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General Hair Growth Tips

Let me summarise general hair care science for you: 

Protective & Gentle Styling
If you look after your hair – treat it gently, keep manipulation to a minimum and protect the ends as much as possible etc – you will suffer from less breakage, and therefore retain more length.

Overall result:
Longer hair (your hair will appear to be growing longer because it is not breaking off as frequently).

Clean Hair & Healthy Follicles
If you look after your scalp – keep it free of dirt and debris (dead skin cells) through regular washing, and light oiling (if that floats your boat) – your hair follicles will remain healthy (i.e. uninfected by bacteria, unimpeded by surface debris etc) – healthy follicles support healthy hair.

Overall result:
More volume or thicker/fuller looking hair (More healthy strands of hair, less dandruff or gunky stuff on the scalp; fresh smelling hair.

Moisturised & Conditioned Hair:
If you moisturise your hair (with water, herbal infusions (water or creams)) and then seal in this moisture by applying oil, cream or butter to the tips (ends) of your hair – the active ingredients (including essential oils) may penetrate the hair shaft (if they contain penetrative agents such as coconut oil or olive oil).

They can also coat the hair shaft to provide a protective barrier against environmental debris (especially in the case of silicones and mineral oil).

Overall result: hair is conditioned and may feel softer and look shinier.

Note: If you apply certain essential oils blended in jojoba (one of the few carrier oils scientifically proven to penetrate the skin and potentially the hair follicles) to the scalp the beneficial properties in the active ingredients  or essential oils can be delivered to the deeper layers of skin and in some cases to the follicle which may in turn stimulate growth. NB there is some debate as to whether or not the chemical compounds in these ingredients will be absorbed by the bloodstream when applied in this manner.

Credit: UK Food Standards Agency
If you eat a balanced diet (very important to include something from all the essential food groups) and then supplement with hair loving vitamins such as Iron, Zinc, Vitamin Bs (including Biotin), Omega-3,   and Vitamin D you will be nourishing your hair from the inside out.

Your body will absorb the essential vitamins and the broken down compounds will be delivered to your follicles and the skin cells of your scalp etc via the circulatory system.

Overall result: your hair will become stronger (from the root first and for any subsequent new growth)– having been fortified internally before it even appears above your scalp, and if your hair growth cycles were previously sluggish or retarded – growth can be stimulated, repairing your hair from the inside out (new growth only).

Applying creams and potions to your hair in order to enourage GROWTH will be ineffective if it is not combined with good nutrition and/or vitamin supplements, exercise and water.

So - to summarise again:

  1. Healthy Scalp, health follicles, healthy hair: wash and condition regularly.
  2. Low Manipulation & Protective Styling: treat your hair like cashmere and handle with care.
  3. Moisturise and Condition properly: hydrated hair is less dry, less brittle and less likely to break off.
  4. Eat Well: moisturising and nourishing your hair from the inside is the best way to grow long strong hair.

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

Upcoming Event: Natural Noire in Norwood

2012 has started with a series of natural hair (and locs) events. I am really loving the show of love, the increased number of events is a good indication of the growing demand for these workshops and it is heartwarming to see a growing hunger for 'things' that embrace our natural beauty - whether this be holistic health, natural hair events, or culture & fashion shows.

The Natural Noire (@naturalnoire on Twitter, Natural Noire on FB) event showcasing top natural hair stylists & barbers and inspiring cultural fashion will be held this Sunday 29th January. Sisterlocks consultants will also be in the house to answer your questions!

Tickets £12, children under 12 are free. Food, fashion & products will be on sale. 07903 533 490 for more info. (Ask for Tiare)

@ Scandals,
82-84 Norwood High Street, West Norwood, 
London SE27 9NW
United Kingdom
Tickets: £12 (under 12's free)
See you there!

Tell Me About: Shampoo Bars

First of all - Happy New Year and apologies for my 'disappearance' :) The past couple of months have been filled with clients and you can imagine how busy it gets in the run up to the Christmas and New Year's eve celebrations!

Today, I want to talk about shampoo bars. There is a lot of 'buzz' on the internet about them and I wanted to add my two cents in the hope of helping to clarify a few things.

Last year - the following article appeared on entitled: "The efficacy of shampoo bars"; generally speaking, the overall conclusion seemed to be that shampoo bars might not be so good, unless you religiously follow your routine with say - an ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse in order to restore appropriate ph balance to your hair.

I'd like to add to this... for one - the shampoo bars evaluated for the study were all cold processed soap bars. This is a shame because not all shampoo bars are cold processed soap. I will repeat that - not all shampoo bars are derivatives of soap. Therefore the 'issues' listed - such as soap scum residue or build up when used with hard water, and the high ph value of the product do not apply in a blanket manner to all types of bars.

Lush Solid Shampoo Bars (image credit)

Shampoo bars broadly fall into three categories:
  1. cold processed soap derivatives (using hair loving oils and additives, very likely to be superfatted to increase the conditioning properties of the final product) - e.g. Karen's Body Beautiful Bodacious Bar. This product is usually opaque
  2. glycerin shampoo bars which combine hair loving oils and additives, humectants (namley the glycerin) and surfactants to create a lathery but solid shampoo. This product can be y clear, translucent or semi-opaque. E.g Anita Grant Babassu Shampoo Bar range (which state they are already ph balanced).
  3. Solid Surfactant bars - these are created by blending combinations of 'dry' surfactants (noodles, pellets or pastilles) - usually the same ones you would find in a liquid shampoo - with oils and or butters to create a solid product. This product is usually opaque. eg. Almocado Clean* or Lush Solid Shampoo range. Since these products tend to use the same or similar recipes to the liquid shampoo versions minus the water and water soluble ingredients - the ph balance of the product tends to be much closer to that of the liquid shampoo (i.e. closer to 6.5 or 5.5 than the ph of 8 quoted by the afore mentioned article).

This is why I say it is important to note that not all shampoo bars are cold processed and therefore the ph of the bars will vary - some cold process formulations will have included ACV or citric acid in the processing to help lower the pH of the end product.

Some bars may leave residue in hard water areas and some will not. Some will need you to rinse with ACV after use and some will not.

So - should you avoid shampoo bars? Not at all. The best way to evaluate any product is to try it for yourself. Just as some people have no issues with washing their bodies with soap and others prefer shower gels or creams - some people will have no issues with washing with a cold process soap bar- others will prefer a liquid shampoo or a glycerin or 'solid surfactant' based shampoo bar. There are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some useful tips:

Cold Process Shampoo Bars
  • Often handmade by homecrafters who love all things natural (and I'm all for supporting homecrafters and small businesses) Lye is a product used to help create the soap but no lye remains in the final product.
  • Pros: usually chock full of natural oils and lovely stuff we like. SLS free. Can be superfatted (extra oils and butters to help condition your hair). Good lather. Can be filled with liquid herbal extracts.
  • Cons: some brands can leave residue/build-up, an ACV rinse after shampooing is recommended.
Glycerin Based Shampoo Bars
  • Also frequently handmade, using a combination of glycerin and mild surfactants (formulas will vary).
  • Pros: tend to be milder than CP shampoo bars, the amounts of oils and oil based additives is limited (it won't stay hard if its too full of oil). Homecrafters will add as many natural goodies as they can. Normally SLS free (check the labels) and can be pH balanced.
  • Cons: may not lather as much as CP shampoo bars; may not be as clarifying as other shampoos.

Solid Surfactant Shampoo Bars
  • A combination of solid surfactants (powders, pastilles, noodles) and anhydrous additives - including butters and oils. Can have very rich lathers depending on surfactants used. Ph can be regulated by through the use of citric acid etc. Fewer homecrafters tackle this one, but big companies (e.g. Lush cosmetics) will.
  • Pros: Good lather, fewer ph worries, can be clarifying. Powdered extracts and clays can be added. Can be SLS free.
  • Cons: Can contain SLS noodles (check the label); Only anhydrous (dry) ingredients can be used - so no liquid herbal teas can be added (powdered extracts can be included though). Can be too clarifying in some cases (check the ingredients and choose wisely, failing that - trial and error will let you know what works best for you)
Whatever you decide, I recommend that those of you with loose hair and mature locs use a conditioner after shampooing because of the benefits it imparts to your hair and its ability to help smooth raised cuticles and rebalance your hair's pH. (Conditioning immature locs can lead to excess slippage and softening which is detrimental to the early stages of the locking process).

What are your experiences? Love em or hate em? I loved Anita Grant's peppermint & babassu bar for my Sisterlocks and I use All Clean on my daughters.

PS - I should also have mentioned that Akua Wood over at the Shea Butter Cottage makes a lovely shampoo bar - you can order a free sample here (while stocks last)

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Happy New Year guys.

Since the kick off of the Holistic side of my business things have been VERY busy! Thank God for all of my blessings and for stretching me like this - yay!

I have finally made peace with new technology and grabbed myself a twitter account. My tweets will be a mixture of hair and holistic health tips. If you're already there - please follow me, as always I appreciate your love and support and am looking forward to connecting with you in this way!