Almocado range of natural products - Launched today!

Phew - what can I say? I am so exhausted. After several trial-runs participating in exhibitions and holistic expos, I can confidently say that Almocado turned up today!

For those of you who met me at the Women In Business - Ladies Pamper Day presented by the 2inspire network in East London "Heyyyyyyy".  My online shop is located at but is still under development.  Please save the link because the full product range will be live by Wednesday this week and you will be able to complete your orders.

In the meantime - here is a reminder of our range:

Aromatherapy Products 

  • Almocado Sugar Honey Face Scrub £6 (50g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Foaming Face Wash (Various) £7.50 (100ml)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Face Serum (Regenerative/Balancing) £8 (30ml)
  • Almocado Concentrated Vitamin Face Cream £6 (50ml)
  • Almocado Face Waters (Chamomile, Lavender, Rose & Neroli) £5.50 (100ml)
  • Almocado Vitamin Hand/Body Cream (Pot) £8 (100ml)
  • Almocado Balanced Body Butter £8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Sole Survival (Foot) Scrub £5 (100g) 
  • Almocado Heel & Toe Foot Cream £8 (100g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Body Oils (Balance, Uplifting etc) £7 (100ml)          
  • Almocado Butterlicious Body Bars  (Skin Food) £5 (85g)
  •  Almocado Mini Massage Melts £3 (35g)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Support Serums* £9.99 (100ml)
  • Almocado Aromatherapy Shampoo Bars £6.50 (2* 45g bars/ 1* 90g bar) 

Hair Cleansers & Conditioners

  • Almocado Loc Shampoo (Growth Support formula), ph (5.5) £8 (200ml) 
  • Almocado Carrot, Chamomile & Banana Shampoo, ph (5.5) £8 (200ml) 
  • Almocado Aromatherapy shampoos £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Conditioner (Coco y Banane) £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Almocado Conditioner (Brown Sugar Babe) £5 (100ml) /£8 (200ml)
  • Wash Day Combo (Shampoo & Conditioner) £9 (100ml) /£15(200ml)
  • Luscious Lecithin Leave-in Conditioner £12 (200ml)

Styling Aids & Moisturisers

  • To Seal & Protect: Almocado Hair Whip* £6 (100g) / £10 (200g)
    Key Ingredients: shea, coconut, cocoa, mango, almond and avocado butters, soy lecithin and carrot tissue oil. 
  • To Hydrate & Restore: Almocado Curl Mist £7.50(100ml)/ £14(200ml)
    Moisturising spray treatment for your coils; great for detangling or refreshing braids, curls, and twist outs. (available in 'Coconut Colada' or 'Mint Melee')
  • To Quench & Refresh: Almocado Loc Dew £7(150ml) /£8.00 (150ml)
    Liquid refreshment for your locs to refresh and hydrate  without causing build up. (available in 'Coconut Water’ or 'Mint Melee')
  • Almocado Twist & Twirl Styling Cream & Hair Masque* £7 (100g) /£13 (200ml)

* Twist & Twirl Styling Creams are suitable as a leave-in, rinse-out conditioner or deep conditioning treatment. Use a little as a styling aid to give gentle hold while twisting, or to smooth fly away hair. Twist & Twirl Hair Whips and Styling Creams can be used (separately) as deep conditioning treatments: apply required amount to clean wet hair, cover with a cap or warm towel. Apply heat if desired. Rinse out.
* Aromatherapy Hair & Scalp Support Serums can be used as hot oil conditioning and pre-poo treatments. To use Twist & Twirl Hair Whip as a hot oil treatment, scoop required amount into suitable container before gently heating until fully melted.

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