Almocado Sik Spritz - Avocado Honey Hibiscus Batch

Sometimes I get in a creative mood. The Silk Spritz is one of my best sellers....

Over the years it has been scented with Mandarin and Coconut, Melon and Banana. This latest batch is a yummylicious Almond Buttercream aroma and has a slight maroon hue - why? I added hibiscus!

Now, hibiscus may be new to the range but it is not new to me. My mother's garden in Barbados is crammed with red and pink hibiscus plants... I have fond memories of sipping tiny buds of nectar from the stamens...and one of my favourite hair treatments was made by crushing handfuls of flowers and soaking them in a basin of water and aloe vera. LUSH!

So here's me, sharing some of my childhood with you.

Avocado, Honey Hibiscus Silk Spritz - now available online but you'll have to hurry as I only made 15 bottles. Enjoy!


Annette "Almocado" Clarkley

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