FAQ - Sisterlocks Consultants

Graduates of the comprehensive Sisterlocks TM training program are known as 'Trainees' or 'Trainee Consultants' until they are 'certified' by the Sisterlocks Home Office in the U.S.

Once trained, Sisterlocks 'graduates' may apply for certification. A successful application indicates that the 'Trainee' meets the required standards of professionalism, competence and quality of care and are 

Although many Consultants (i.e. a certified graduate) may have Sisterlocks themselves: it is not unusual for them to rock bald heads or loose hair as a matter of personal choice (so don't be put off).  Unlike Trainees, Consultants will usually have extensive portfolios of their work and as a result you may find their prices are higher than those charged by Trainees.

The most important questions to ask are, "When did you take the Sisterlocks training course?" and "Do you have active status with the Home Office?" as some individuals may allow their registration with the Home Office to expire.

Since Sisterlocks is a trademark company, no unauthorized individuals can lawfully offer the system. Every program graduate with "active" status will appear either on the Official Sisterlocks Certified Consultant list or on the Official Sisterlocks Trainee Registry.  If in doubt - contact the Home Office.

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