Natural Options for Natural Hair

Naturally Beautiful
We love natural hair, whether they be tight coils, loose spirals or waves - hey, it could even be poker straight, we love it.

There are so many names out there for our hair: afro hair, nappy hair, kinky hair - I prefer to call them 'textured tressures' or 'highly textured hair'. Pretentious? I don't think so - just a better way of describing hair of mixed heritage or 'African/African-American/Afro-Caribbean' origin given that some of the more common words often carry with them negative connotations.

You've probably heard it a thousand times: your hair is your crowning glory. We're here to pamper and protect, nurture and nourish that crown. We want you to have long, strong hair (why not?) so we'll encourage you to adopt maintenance practices that help reduce breakage and thinning. Now don't get me wrong - I am not going to guarantee that your hair "is going to be touching your bum within 60 days or your money back", there is no hard sell here, we just share and care: we share the knowledge and help YOU put it into practice.

Natural Products
Almost all of the leading cosmetics companys and manufacturers of 'Black' hair care products have a product line using the words 'natural' or 'organics' - so what do we mean when we say we use 'NATURAL PRODUCTS'?

Well, to start, all our products are home made and depending on your treatment, some of them will be made specifically for YOU. As I said - there is no hard sell, you don't have to buy anything, these are recipes we will use every time we spend time together (whether that's us visiting you or you visiting us); if you like how it's going then by all means we can make some for you to use at home. Just for You.

None of our products contain petrochemicals. That means no mineral oil, no paraffin or paraffin oil, no petrolatum or petroleum jelly, no liquid paraffin. No. Not one drop. These ingredients are lubricants, by-products of the petro-chemical industry which tend to coat the surface of the skin (and scalp) preventing it from breathing... remember that the next time you reach for the baby oil.

Since we'd rather not put this on our skin or in our hair (or on yours) we've looked at natural sources for alternative oils and emollients and that has taken us right back to our childhood. Remember when your mother or grandmother used to bring out the coconut oil or the castor oil? When we grew up many of us turned away from these 'old fashioned things' but the 'old folks' actually knew what they were doing; our practice is built around five primary oils:
  • Almond
  • Avocado
  • Castor
  • Coconut and
  • Olive

Depending on your hair type and 'treatment' we may also use unrefined shea butter, vitamin oils and conditioners as part of your hair care.

Since there is no hard sell (yes, I like to remind you), we also recommend certain products which are readily available on the market - again, these products are sulfate and silicone free and also avoid petrochemicals.

So 'natural' for us, means naturally sourced high quality ingredients in our own products; and high street products which do not contain any 'nasties'.

Are all your clients 'natural'?
Almond & Avocado is all about empowering women of all ages to love, nourish and nurture their unprocessed hair. We do this through education and illustration.

Does this mean you have to cover your head or hide if you pay us a visit while wearing a relaxer or a curly perm? Of course not! While the majority of our services cater to unprocessed hair, you can still enjoy a relaxing scalp massage or have your hair cornrowed without worrying about us trying to force you to grow your hair out. We're just happy people, and we're happy to have you around.

Why Should I Try You?
I am not a hair dresser, not in the traditional sense of the words. I will not colour your hair, I will not cut it, I will not perm it or flat tong it or give you a Dominican blow out but neither will I keep you waiting around a salon for half a day...

With Almond & Avocado, it's you, me and your hair. No gimmicks, no tricks, no hard sell.



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