Review - Twist & Twirl (Conditioning and Styling Cream)

Review on Almond Avocado Natural "Almocado Twist & Twirl" (Conditioning and Styling Cream)

I've already reviewed The Almond Avocado Aromatherapy Shampoo and Brown Sugar conditioner w/cones- long story short I loved them both and have had no issues with product build up or any ill effects due to cones (the condish is available without cones ).

I washed and conditioned with the AA products mentioned above, I plopped with an old tshirt and when my hair was damp I used bendy rollers to set my hair, I used the Twist and Twirl Conditioning Cream on each section of hair before rolling up, this was the only product I used in hair except water of course. The following morning I removed my rollers (middle pic) separated and fluffed, my hair is soft and shiny and not crispy at all, it is now day 4 and my curls are still soft and shiny and holding their shape. The 3rd pic was taken last night.
I would recommend these products and I will be trying others in the range. I bought all these products with my own money.

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  1. Thanks for the write up, I just ordered my bottle today. I love the idea of the avocado!


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